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Don Draper’s Coming Suicide

I’m convinced that Mad Men is going to end with Don Draper jumping off a building. It’s been in the opening credit animation since day one. Then there’s the regular visual reminders of the airy balcony of his New York apartment, his generally growing despair over the years, the hints that Matthew Weiner has known the ending since the beginning, and now the assignment of Don into Lane Pryce’s office.

CHVRCHES do Arctic Monkeys

Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Terry Crews. Boom.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Terry Crews. Boom.

“People aren’t using Instagram for photos, WhatsApp for text, Line for stickers… they’re using everything for everything.”

Market Share does count

It’s just not EVERYTHING. iOS is winning as a developer platform in spite of market share because it has a lot of other things in its favor (lower cost of development, better store economics, friendlier download environment). This does not at all mean what a lot of people (who keep using the BMW analogy) seem to think it means. It does NOT mean that market share turns out to be irrelevant. It means that sometimes in rare circumstances market share can be trumped by other factors.

I still think it’s crazy that people would think that it’s OK in a technology product to thrive with 10% market share forever as a stated goal. It will catch up to you eventually.

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